Friday, September 5, 2008

Sense for Design

Okay, here I go again with another blog! Yes I seem to be either addicted or I have been bitten by the writing bug. Either way, I am liking this whole blogging thing.
I have been toying for months with the idea to create a blog to feed my interior design passion and I did manage to resist for a while cos I wanted to concentrate on my other blog But now that this one is up and running and I kinda know what I am doing, I was looking for the next thing to do! Ha, I don't get tired if that is what you were thinking!

Ok now, seriously peeps, I am two modules to the end of my interior design course. So far I am very pleased with my teacher for the grades I have been getting. You see, Interior Design is a very subjective matter, it is your opinion and your ideas and your inspiration that you show so as you know, no two people can have the same ideas, I mean exactly the same. Something is bound to differ. Anyways, for her to give me those grades, that means she kinda understands my ideas and inspirations though she might not share them. I doubt she does.

Anyhow, the pics you see on this blog are some of the pics that I have used so far in my assignments. We either had to say why we liked or how we would change or improve a particular space and these are some of my spaces chosen to improve!

For the above space, this is what I said. This space in my opinion speaks elegance because of its minimalist yet inviting style. The design scheme on the wall is very appealing with its white and brown fusion. The whole picture looks clean, well organised and the furniture and accessories look expensive. I think all the space was well used to create an elegant and formal picture.This style was achieved through its use of space. The cosy feel is achieved through the use of the fire place and the design on the wall which acts as the centrepiece and focal point in this room. The arrangement of the furniture also emphasises this focal point. The natural light floods in through the large glass window (door?), the artificial light from the fire place seems to create a soft glow emphasising the architectural feature on the wall which is also the focal structure in this space. The designer achieves balance through his/her subtle decor; the colour scheme is simple yet appealing and inviting. In this space, the proportion of the objects and fixtures are big, the design on the wall is very grand, the sofa is a 3 seater and a one seater with a foot stool and the coffee table is very big and also grand, creating a focal piece as well in the centre of the room. The shapes of the fixtures and the slick textures create a contemporary yet formal and elegant look. In this space, the 3 focal points – being the architectural feature on the wall, the fire place and the large coffee table in the centre of the room form a rhythm that brings together the basic pattern of the space.The right use of balance, proportion and rhythm, colour, pattern, textures and shapes marriaged with the space, light and structure brings harmony into this design.

For this space, I said, I love fireplaces because to me they represent warmth, comfort, mystery and love.
I would love to emphasise this fireplace more by accentuating the top wall either by painting it a deep colour like orange to reflect the imagery of the fire or use a deep red oriental wall paper with gold patterns to also highlight the colours of the fire. I would also paint the rims of the mirror black rather than white to accentuate this more. I feel this emphasis will help to make the room more comfortable, more homely and more cosy. Creating an environment where you could sit and contemplate with the fireplace as the catalyst!

In my opinion, the window and door in this picture are harmoniously aligned because the aim was to capture the views of nature from outside and bring them inside. Whilst relaxing on the sofa, you could enjoy these views either from the door or from the window. The fact that the window has a treatment also means you could sit around that area whilst reflecting and capturing what is going on outside. This heightens the sense of tranquillity and peace in the room.

I would paint the signature wall a deep purple, change the bed frame for a four poster chocolate coloured in the same position and same size as one in the picture.
I would also put a small chocolate coloured chaise long at the foot of the bed with two comfortable purple cushions to evoke the signature wall.
I would place two matching chocolate coloured chest of drawers where the current ones are with two bed side lamps and shade on each drawer. The lamps will be dimly lit so that they reflect a warm glow inside the room.
I would bring down the hanging lights and get rid of the TV and stand.
Instead of the light reflecting curtains in the room at the moment, I would choose a darker, slightly more heavier fabric which can be tied back to let natural light in or closed to allow a warm glow from the bedside lamps.
On the wall, I would opt for two medium sized squared paintings rather than the rectangle one. I would also use lilac sheets for the beddings, comfortable pillows and cushions and also a purple throw to also reinforce the signature wall.

The look is simple, clean, well organised and airy and very contemporary. The bed is the main fixture with the silvery square patterns on the wall as the main focal point and architectural feature in the room. The low bed gives the space the illusion of volume. The light here seems to be dominated by the soft glow of the artificial lighting. The colour scheme is simple – deep red contrasted with deep brown with a touch of silver on the wall feature mirrored or repeated by the two frames on the wall. The proportion of this room is open, light and simple and this is obtained by its lack of fixtures and fittings and also the colours used. The shape of the bed is very contemporary giving the room height and depth. The pattern is very slick adding to its contemporary and airy feel. This space in my opinion is harmonious through the choice of colours, the choice of simple yet elegant details and the slick flooring which reflects the lighting.
Okay, so that's it for now. I hope to be adding as I go along. Next time, I may talk about buildings. Right, so what do you think? This is just a starting point for me. The more you become experienced, the more comfortable and elaborate your design sense and ideas become. Hopefully, I will get to this.
I am offering my services for free to anyone who is looking to improve, change, de-clutter a space in their home or their entire home. In return, I would like to take some before and after shots for my portfolio which I'll have to create. You can contact me on
I have a client who recently contacted me, she seems so full of life and I am hoping we can both achieve the look that she is after for her home. I will keep you posted on the developments!
Thanks for reading.

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