Friday, September 19, 2008


I am so loving these pics which you see here below! I mean I absolutely love colour. I love coordination but I absolutely adore to clash colours but in a coordinating manner which can also be visually beautiful. You only need to come to my pad to see what I am talking about!

Just look at this living area, I mean what else can I say? I can see myself lounging in this space. It speaks harmony, peace, blissfulness, joyfulness, calm and above all, cleanliness. This is so modern and so now!

I love this bedroom because it is simple, it is elegant and it also shows a mixture of the traditional (in terms of the wood texture) and the contemporary (the lamp shades, the minimalism, the wall arts).

Whoaaaa! How sunny and fun is this bedroom space! At the same time it is a space that you can definitely spend a good night in. I would love to experiment with this colour in my room!


Anonymous said...

uhhmmm aqua. u sure say u no want be estate agent too :) nice work!

Josh jacob said...